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Bagpipes, parades, dancing and pure joy!

I met with Ollie and Ellie a couple of weeks before their wedding to chat through details and immediately got the sense that this was going to be a fun wedding. From the fantastic Cornish music and bagpipes by Will Coleman playing Ellie down the aisle, to the procession down the streets to cream teas at Kimberly park, the whole day was fun, vibrant and a real celebration of Ollie and Ellie’s love.

I arrived early (as I always do!) to get some shots of All Saint’s church in Falmouth, all set up and decorated and looking beautiful. Bubbles on the chairs, high-vis vests ready for the groomsmen, who were doubling up as traffic control on the parade down to Kimberly park. The band were warming up so I enjoyed listening to them and got myself settled, checking out the best spots for the key moments of the ceremony.

Ellie walked down the aisle to whoops, whistles and small percussion instruments that had been handed out before the ceremony. The atmosphere was electric and Ollie’s expression when he saw Ellie for the first time is one of my favourite shots of the whole wedding.

Taking the celebration out onto the streets of Falmouth after the ceremony, we headed down to Kimberly Park for cream teas and group shots before Ollie, Ellie and I found a quiet spot for some beautiful couple photos. This moment with the couple is so important to me, it gives the couple a chance to breathe and take in what they have just done.

We headed back to the church for food, some amazing pulled pork and a cake made by Ellie herself before the evening celebrations kicked off.

With music by Skillywidden the dance floor was instantly full and that electric atmosphere from the start of the ceremony came back in full force. The couple were having the time of their lives; surrounded by loved ones, traditional Cornish music and a packed dance floor I left them to soak in the celebrations and begin their life together.

Congratulations Ollie and Ellie, it was a genuine honour to be your photographer.