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A London Wedding!

My first London wedding was at the beautiful Carshalton Water Tower. Marianne is a friend from Drama School that I hadn’t seen for 15 years and when she asked if I could shoot her wedding in London I knew I had to make it happen.

Initially I didn’t think it would be possible, I’d only shot weddings in Cornwall at that point and thought it would be easier for Marianne to find a local photographer.

Fortunately I had booked onto a wedding photography workshop (I always like to keep my skills up to date) and was in Buckinghamshire the week of Marianne and John’s wedding. As soon as I’d booked the workshop I phoned Marianne and she booked me for her wedding.

I had planned to stay with family the night before, but Marianne and I agreed that even a 45min drive to the wedding was a risk and she booked me into a hotel 2 minutes down the road for her peace of mind and mine!

When I arrived, the venue was a flurry of activity. Chairs were laid out for the ceremony, glasses were being set out and her brother was setting up his piano ready to accompany the ceremony.

Marianne looked stunning in her vintage dress, in fact the whole aesthetic of the wedding gelled beautifully. John had spent his younger years living in Germany and this was my first wedding involving a Hochzeitskerze – a German wedding candle.

The vintage was mixed with the modern as the wedding cake was an incredible doughnut tower.

The speeches were so beautiful and heartfelt, Marianne had sadly lost her father a few days before the wedding but wanted the day to be a real celebration of life and love. That is exactly what it was from start to finish.

I captured a few moments of Marianne and John’s first dance before heading off on the 5hr drive back to Cornwall. Ordinarily I would stay at a hotel the night of the wedding too but I had missed my daughters 5th birthday to be at the wedding and had promised her that I would be home when she woke the day after her birthday.

Congratulations Marianne and John, I’m so glad the stars aligned and I could be your wedding photographer.