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A festival in a field in Devon!

Beth and Andrew

I have known Beth for many years and so was absolutely delighted to be asked to be her wedding Photographer. My wife and children were guests at the wedding and we had a gruelling trip up the A30 (3hrs instead of the 1hr 15min it normally takes) due to the jubilee bank holiday. Top Tip: always be aware of Bank holidays and local events when planning your date.

As the wedding was being held in a field we were entirely at the mercy of the weather. Luckily, by the time the rain stopped and we could get started, all the guests had escaped the A30 car park and arrived.

It was a beautiful, natural ceremony with a stunning arch and framed beautifully by a wonderful tree.

The stunning natural backdrop continued into the neighbouring field for some amazing confetti shots. The colours of this wedding were so natural and vibrant and beautifully captured in the photos.

The reception had a real festival vibe to it, fire pits, a Photo Booth set up in an old car and music provided by the Bride and Grooms family band ‘Not the Dooleys’.

As the afternoon drew to a close we got some stunning small group shots with the fading light before wending our way back down to Cornwall and hoping our children wouldn’t fall asleep before we could get them home to bed.